Jessica Peters

Graphic Designer

Hey! I’m a graduating Graphic Design student, passionate about creating visually compelling designs. With a solid foundation in design principles and proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, I’m ready to take on diverse projects from branding to digital illustration. Throughout my studies, I’ve developed a keen eye for detail and a knack for crafting engaging visuals that resonate with audiences. My portfolio showcases my dedication to producing high-quality work, and I’m excited to bring my skills to new projects and collaborations!


Allison Lostetter

Graphic Designer

I have always dreamed of finding something where I could use my artistic abilities for more than just a hobby; I want to inspire and help people with my passion and creativity. Graphic design has enabled me to learn a new aspect of art and design, and through it I have been able to create for others and bring my ideas and others’ off the page.

Naomi Gaetano

Graphic Design

Naomi Gaetano is an MN-based graphic designer, who loves to bring ideas to life. She has invested years into learning technical skills and gaining experience in the field. Naomi’s passion for graphic design is fueled by her drive to help clients turn their dreams into reality. Through her college education, internships, and freelance work, she has embraced challenges and viewed every experience as an opportunity to learn. She views understanding her clients and their values as the cornerstone of her design process. Naomi’s specialty is brand design, visual identity, and design layout. While creating, she draws inspiration from the world around her, and her relationship with Jesus. Post graduation, Naomi is excited to start the journey of finding a full-time job in the field.

Jordan Vang

Graphic Designer

My passion is creating visually immaculate and intuitive designs. I strive to construct the best possible projects through collaboration and innovative ideas. With the right vision, tools, and skills, imaginary masterpieces can be a reality with a click!

Jonathan Ramirez

Product Advertisement

My name is Jonathan Ramirez and I’m a graduate of Hennepin Technical College with an Associate of Applied Science Degree with Graphic Design Creative Emphasis. One of my main strengths is product design and photo editing. I was first introduced to photoshop in high school and my curiosity led me to all of the Adobe programs.

Wakema Harris

Graphic Designer

Wakeama Harris is a shy quiet Graphic Designer. That loves to learn new things and have a passion in 3d modeling and visual art. She is a student at Hennepin technical college. Hobbies are drawing, 3d modeling and playing video games.

Alexa Kamish

Graphic Designer

I am a graphic designer and writer who strongly desires to influence the world through design, literature, photography, and other creative means. I firmly believe there is beauty in everything; sometimes, you just need to search a little harder to find it. With my A.A.S. design degree and personal brand, Marie Designs, I want to help pull back this veil and show the hidden wonders so few can see. When I am not working, I love reading, thrifting, hiking, and going out with my friends.

Akram Bard

Graphic Design

I’m Akram Bard, a graduate in graphic design, residing in the United States for five years now. Originally from Iran, I used to be a theater actor in my home country. Currently, I’m dedicating all my efforts to becoming the best in graphic design. Efficiency and quick action characterize my personality. I’m fond of green and blue colors, passionate about traveling and camping, love cooking and gardening. Nature and children are my best sources of inspiration.

Pualani Carmo

Graphic Designer

Hey there! My name is Pualani Carmo, I am passionate about graphic design because it lets me be creative and practical at the same time. Whether it’s making logos or posters, I enjoy the challenge of bringing ideas to life visually! I love being able to bring peoples ideas to life with design with my creative mindset.

Payton Hitchens


Illustrations are my favorite form of art because they express who I am with every stroke of my pen…I love designing and resigning art for fun and for the thrill of the out come!

Nuh Aden

Graphic Design

I’m Nuh Aden, a graphic design graduate from Hennepin Technical College. I’m passionate about turning creative ideas into stunning creations. With a strong foundation in building websites, crafting logos, designing flyers, business cards, photography and providing design consulting. My journey as a graphic designer is constantly inspiring me to innovate and to create amazing designs.

Jacob Adams

Graphic Designer

My name is Jacob Adams. I’m a graduate of Hennepin Technical College with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Graphic Design. I have a passion for creativity through visual art and music. Some of my hobbies are guitar, video games, and illustrating.

Sydney Schwaller


I’m a passionate and aspiring graphic designer and illustrator. Art is my driving force, and I’m here to make your ideas gain a visual identity. I’ve been drawing and creating ever since I could barely hold a pencil, and I strive to create something everyday. And I can’t wait to tell your story.

Ashley McGowan

Graphic Design

Elijah Nelson